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"Compassionate Connections to 

Reduce Harm to Humanity"

“Africans have a thing called Ubuntu: it is about the essence of being human, it is part of the gift that Africa gives the world. It embraces hospitality, caring about others, being willing to go that extra mile for the sake of another. We believe that a person is a person through other persons; that my humanity is caught up and bound up in yours.” 

 Desmond Tutu

14 Lessons Learned from the Rainbow Nation

Adopted as the topical framework for LDA Ubuntu Recovery Circles

See Yourself in Other People

Strength Lies in Unity

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Others

Choose to See the Wider Perspective

Have Dignity and Respect for Yourself and Others

Believe in the Good of Everyone

Choose Hope Over Optimism

Seek Out Ways to Connect

The Power of the F-Word “Forgiveness”

Embrace Our Diversity

Acknowledge Reality (However Painful)

Find Humor in Our Humanity

Why Little Things Make a Big Difference

Learn to Listen So That You Can Hear