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Lost Dreams Awakening (LDA)

Recovery Community Organization (RCO)

"Providing Living Proof that Recovery is Possible"


is to promote the right and resources for individuals, families and communities to recover through education, advocacy, and recovery support services.


 is a world where recovery is understood, promoted, embraced, and enjoyed and where all who seek recovery have access to support, care, and resources needed for long-term recovery.

Learn more about the 

LDA Recovery Community Center

  • The Lost Dreams Awakening (LDA) Recovery Center is a resource for education, training, support and socialization for those in recovery and their family and friends. It is meant to validate that recovery from the disease of addiction is possible! 
  • Our Recovery Center is the nucleus for our services. 

  • The Recovery Support Services, and educational programming available at the LDA Recovery Center utilize the experience and knowledge of trained Recovery Coaches and PA Certified Recovery Specialist. 

  • LDA Recovery Support Services (RSS) are non-clinical services fastening the seams between treatment and recovery. We focus on removing barriers and providing resources to those who are seeking to attain and maintain long-term recovery. 

  • The support WE offer is not meant to replace treatment or the diverse pathways of recovery. 
  •  The LDA Recovery Center strives to be a catalyst in improving quality of life, averting relapse and sustaining recovery!

LDA is dedicated to 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

(DEI) in all System of Care

Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery


Please click on Events/Announcements to read about the new Recovery Pathway LDA launched, in service, to our community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 

LDA Family Recovery SUPPORT

FREE to Join us @ LDA

Mondays @ 5PM for Families Anonymous

Family to Family Resource Guide

(Thanks to Friends of NY)

Grief Support Group on Zoom

Sundays @ 5:00 PM

Contact LDA:7245947670

Von Wade, PhD, LPC, CCTP or 

Eileen Henry, EdD, ICF ACC, Grief Educator

Faces & Voices of LDA Recovery 

Lost Dreams Awakening is a Proud Member of:

  Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) 

Faces and Voices, Washington, DC

Black Faces Black Voices (BFBV) US

Pennsylvania Association of Non-profit Organizations (PANO)

Recovery Road

"Connection is Protection"

LDA Volunteers with Dr. Oz

LDA Advocating in Washington, DC with Dr. Oz

LDA Co-Founders

Dr. VonZell Wade & Laurie Johnson-Wade

What is a Recovery Community Organization


A recovery community organization (RCO) is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. These organizations organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities, carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs, and/or provide peer-based recovery support services (P-BRSS). The broadly defined recovery community – people in long-term recovery, their families, friends and allies, including recovery-focused addiction and recovery professionals – includes organizations whose members reflect religious, spiritual and secular pathways of recovery. The sole mission of an RCO is to mobilize resources within and outside

of the recovery community to increase the prevalence and quality of long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Public education, policy advocacy and peer-based recovery support services are the strategies through which this mission is achieved. 

"Connection is Protection"


Visit us at the LDA

Recovery Community Center

Located @ 

408 8th St., Rear

New Kensington, PA 15068


Recovery Center Message Line: